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Experiences at Acupuncture Waalre

Karin (51 years old)
“I suffered from shaky hands and restlessness. Yvonne took all the time to inventory my issues, lifestyle and life-events. Her kindness, understanding and sharing of knowledge, make you feel in safe hands. Her advice regarding lifestyle and nutrition is tailored to me and therefore feasible. It was my first acquaintance with acupuncture and I really enjoyed it. Already after 1 treatment I felt improvement and more inner peace! ”

Sanne (47 years old)
“Last summer I received treatment from Yvonne for a tennis elbow and a headache. I had heard of acupuncture, but had not experienced it before. I was therefore very curious about what to expect. Yvonne takes the time to identify the problem clearly. She also provides a clear explanation of what will happen. I didn’t know what to expect, was also very curious if it would work. It is nice to see that it does work. That every needle that is placed, does something at the locations of the pain. I could already experience results after one treatment. The pain was a lot less. A treatment method that is certainly worth repeating should it be necessary in the future. ”

Anton (70 years old)
“Hereby a thank you to Yvonne for helping me so well. In June 2018 the weather was very nice and during my weekly 12km running training on the beach, the energy was gone after a few kilometers and I had to walk back. This happened more often during nice warm days and my companions knew about that. With this issue I came to Yvonne. I was curious if acupuncture could also offer a solution for this problem. I liked this experiment. A few needle sticks would not cause permanent damage. If it would not help it would not cause harm either. Yvonne carefully figured out what she had to do to find the right stimulation points. Although I didn’t really want to be pricked, inserting needles was not that bad. Just lie still for a while to let the treatment take effect, and then the session was over. The next training session it was still nice and warm weather and so I was curious about the result. It was unimaginable! I could now run the 12km without any problems. The rest of this beautiful, warm summer I was able to fully participate in every training. The fact that the effect was so great after the first treatment really surprised me. In order to maintain the result, she repeated the treatment a few more times during the summer.
You look at the issues and you have managed to clear the blockages that are responsible for this. I am confident in the way you helped me. Acupuncture has proven to be a very effective treatment method for me. ”